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Welcome to This website has been set up to celebrate and support the great Eriba Community that exists in the UK (and elsewhere). We will be community-focused concentrating on how the community interacts and answering questions the community has. We do not intend to be a repository of technical information and advice. For that type of information, we suggest you visit one of the Owner’s Clubs or Forums such as Eribafolk

If your focus is getting the best out of touring with your Eriba, then you have come to the right place! 

1958 Puck
1958 Puck still very much in use.

Eribalife is intended to be a repository of information, views, opinions and experiences shared by the Community for the benefit of all. We rely on Eribarists engaging with us and becoming part of Eribalife.

As with any community there is always social interaction. We know that the Erbia Community likes to meet up and enjoy each others company, and so we will be promoting all meets and rallies that we are made aware of.

We hope that you will find the categorisation and tagging of posts a useful tool. It will help you to search and retrieve the information that you are looking for. We invite all to make appropriate comments on the posts so a vibrant repository of views and opinions are recorded for the benefit of all.

Don’t be shy, come on in and enjoy your community and take part!

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